From My Daughter's Baby Clothes

Berkley B. Frisco, TX

I am so in love!  My daughter immediately put the pillow on her bed and said no one can touch it and my husband is trying to steal the quilt - thank you so much!!! (The Crafty Moose  also made a big 24x24 fluffy pillow for this customer with all of the ruffles and embroidery items from the baby clothing.)

A Gifted Artist

Lynette S. Frisco, TX

So the crafty moose is much much more than an a crafty moose!  Ann is a gifted artist with quite an eye.  How Ann figured out a project for me that has been in storage for 20+ years, is amazing.  She took what I had started and put together two beautiful quilts.  Her patience is so appreciated because it took me a while to even know what I wanted but  in the end her original suggestion turned out to be the best choice!  I am so thankful for her time, grace, and artistry to complete my quilts that I am now able to pass to my daughters.  Thank you, Ann!  Such a good feeling to be able to have them done!  My girls love them!  

A Beautiful Friar Creation

Susan B, Murphy TX

I am so impressed to you attention to detail on this quilt for my daughter. As an Alumni of Bishop Lynch High School, you know how many tshirts you will collect during your high school years. I have so many of my daughters tshirts and have always wanted to have a quilt made for her. When I learned that you made quilts, I was thrilled to have a friend work on this special work of art. From choosing which shirts to use, to the color choices for edging and backing, you worked with me every step of the way. My daughter and I will truly treasure this special quilt from her wonderful days at BL. Thank you Ann for your creativity and dedication to this quilt. Go Friars!!

High School Band Quilt

Brandy S, Frisco TX

I researched this and asked for local and friend recommendations. I ultimately let my son pick who he would trust with his most prized possessions, his wardrobe from the last 4 years. As soon as he met Ann, he had no doubt that she was the one that would take care of his precious memories. And she delivered! It’s exactly what he had envisioned (after many, many texts while he was away at college). It’s literally Jack in quilt form! I’m totally going to steal it from him when he’s not looking!

Senior Football Quilt

Staci W, Frisco TX

I was in awe with the finished product. It was much more than I ever expected.  I gave Ann so many shirts, gave her the idea that I had and it was so much more than I could have asked for. It was so worth the money, not only for my son’s reaction but the memories he will have for a lifetime. He is in college now and he has it on the end of his bed. To know she created this awesome memory not just for me but my son is an awesome venture. I would recommend Ann and her company for years to come. Her quilts are like none that I have ever seen before. Please call me with any questions.  I’ll be more than happy to explain all that she does and her concern for her customers.   My son said "I love it. The quality is outstanding and she created something durable enough to use everyday but nice enough to last a lifetime."

From Her Dad's Clothes

Carmen Y, Scroggins TX

​I cannot thank you enough for preserving memories of him (my dad) through his clothes.  Your talent has blessed us beyond measure.

Brinkey's Baby Quilt

Ashley S, Frisco TX

Holy smokes! This quilt is beauitful.  I LOVE everything about it!

FedEx Quilt

Erika T, Houston TX

She LOVED this quilt and hasn't stopped talking about it!  The second she got back to her hotel room she laid it out across the bed.  It is beyond amazing!  You're more talented than you realize!

Chenille T-Shirt Quilt

Renee A, McKinney TX

I could not have been more pleased with the beautiful T-shirt quilt that Ann made for my daughter's 7th birthday. It was truly a collaboration from the very beginning. The attention to detail that Ann has, and her great spirit made the process wonderful.

Susan's Friendship Quilt

Susan B, McKinney TX 

I don't like to even take trips without packing my quilt to take it with me.  I absolutely love this quilt because each of my close friends had a hand in making it come together. It's one of my most prized possessions!

UT Quilt

Nicole B, Dallas TX

I have to check my friend's bags when they leave to make sure no one walked away with my UT quilt!  Thanks for turning my college shirts into the perfect game day cover-up!  I absolutely love it!

Linden's Baby Quilt

Kennon W, Austin TX

Your beautiful baby quilt is the most original present we received for Linden.  We love how you used different fabrics to express each member of our family, including our baby on the way.  We also love that we can expand the quilt relatively easily if we want it to fit on Linden's bed at each stage of her life.  The craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into this quilt cannot be beat.  Every time I look at it, I feel happy because I know it was made with love.  Thank you for giving us something that is a constant source of joy!

High School T-Shirt Quilt

Debbie P, Frisco TX

My son absolutely loves the t-shirt quilt you put together for him.  He won't even let his friends sit on it!  He keeps it on his bed and likes looking at all of the detail work you put into it.  Thank you SO much, Ann!  It was more than I hoped for!

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