the FedEx quilt

This was the largest quilt I have made so far, and it was like a Tetris-lovers dream come true! The sister of a friend of mine works for FedEx corporate offices in Houston and one of her coworkers is retiring after 35 years with FedEx! WOW!!! They contacted me asking if I would be willing to make a large quilt out of gobs of t-shirts that date WAY back to when the company was called Federal Express. I loved the puzzle-piecing work of figuring out which shirts would go where!

The quilting on this particular quilt is something I am particularly proud of. In the picture you can see the tiger that I quilted around as well as a plane pulling some stars. I absolutely LOVE the way t-shirt fabric wrinkles after a wash when I quilt parallel lines across a shirt.

They loved the way this quilt turned out, and I am so glad! It definitely took a bit of time and careful planning to ensure I represented all the different logos. If I remember correctly, there are 66 different shirts in this quilt - AND - three squares were cut out of FedEx pajama bottoms!

Congratulations on your retirement!

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