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How much does a t-shirt quilt cost?

As of Feb 1, 2020 the cost is $22.50 per t-shirt side.


How many t-shirts do people usually put into a quilt?

The average number is approximately 24. A nice sized throw can be as few as 20 shirts. Larger quilts can also be made with the inclusion of more t-shirts.  

Can you do my project right away?

I do have a waiting list most months out of the year but I tend to be the busiest 4-5 months before high school graduations and 3 months before Christmas. Contact me to see if I have openings in my schedule that suit your needs. We can usually work things out with some creative thinking!

Can I ship my t-shirts to you?

Of course you can! I ask that you use a safety pin to denote which side(s) of each tshirt you want included in the quilt. The more information I have, the better I can produce exactly what you're wanting. I also ask that you do not ship your shirts until we are within 2 weeks of your scheduled appointment.

Are there any extra fees?

If you would like borders included around the front of your quilt there is an extra $20 charge for the fabric required to do so.  About 90% of my customers prefer the look of added borders to their quilts.  If you're out of state or out of the area, shipping costs will be added to your invoice.

Can I cut my own shirts or buy my own fabric to save money?

I prefer that you do not purchase your own fabric because I buy high end quilting fabric that I know will last you for quite some time.  Also, there is a whole creative process involved in designing your quilt which includes cutting your shirts to sizes that are unique to your quilt design.  Please do not cut your clothing/shirts ahead of time. 

What is the process for t-shirt quilts?

  1. Schedule a time for your quilt to be made

  2. Mark or organize your shirts to show me which side(s) you want included in the project.

  3. Get your shirts to me

  4. I will begin an estimate with the number of shirt sides you want included and lay out the shirts in a design for you to approve.  

  5. When we agree upon the number of shirts included and the design, I require 50% of the cost to be paid up front to cover my initial supplies. I utilize PayPal invoicing but you can pay using Venmo if you prefer. 

  6. I will recommend fabric colors that I think would coordinate well with your shirts if you don't already have colors in mind.  I will not purchase any fabric without your approval.  

  7. I will send you quilting stitch patterns and you get to pick which stitch pattern you would like to have on your quilt!

  8. When your quilt is finished I will send you photos as proof and you pay the second half of your invoice either as you're picking up your quilt or before it is shipped back to you.

t-shirt quilt photo gallery

Here are photos of previous t-shirt quilts I have created for previous customers. Click on any photo to see full sized images.



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